Start Re-Certification of Stroke Centres and Stroke Units 2016 - 2018

The initial certifications of stroke centres and stroke units date back three years. As required by the regulations, it is necessary to recertify those institutions because otherwise the certificates expire. For that process, the same rules apply as during the initial certification.


Recertification has to be applied for at the SFCNS office six months prior to the expiration of the initial certificate.


The recertification audit takes half a day (as opposed to one day at the first certification). During the audit, compliance with quality criteria for stroke centres and stroke units are checked based on control samples. Other factors that are taken into account are the documents that are available before and during the audit, questioning of the staff and local inspection. The assessment of the audit will be communicated at the on-site final meeting.


Based on the written report by the leading auditor and the certificate commission’s application, the SFCNS stroke committee takes a final decision whether recertification will be granted or not.


The audit takes place four months at the earliest after the application. Applicants can indicate date preferences, the SFCNS office coordinates with the certification commission and sanaCERT and decide on the date as well as the composition of the audit team.

In case you have further questions do not hesitate to contact the SFCNS office. The re-certification will be implemented in collaboration with SanaCERT Suisse.

Application and Documents


To start the process of recertification please use the following documents:


Application form (d/f)


Documents required for the process:


Guidelines in German (same document for Stroke Units and Stroke Centers)

Guidelines in French (same document for Stroke Units and Stroke Centers)


Annex 2


required documents for Stroke Centers in German and French

required documents for Stroke Units in German and French